I Swear I’m Not an Alcoholic! (or, How I Learned to Multitask my Budget)

A few weeks ago I set aside a collection of neat glass holders (mason jars, wine bottles, etc.) that I wanted to use to cut down on the costs of centerpieces and other decorations at the wedding. I had three large, unique mason jars and five varying sizes of wine bottles. Fast forward to now, where I have those three same mason jars, and now ten (one unopened) wine bottles and a new found collection of flower vases I’ve collected over the years.

But let’s focus on the wine bottles. They’ve double in size in a few weeks and I’m beginning to think I can stop collecting at some point (probably now). But it reminded me that this is the type of thing that helps you stay within a budget. I’m not spending a ton on this wine, I would’ve bought it anyway, and best of all – I’m reusing these (and they’ll look pretty cute, so won’t be thrown away).


Yarn of different colors and textures wrapped around wine bottles

I’m pretty confident in my ability to craft something wedding-worthy (as long as it doesn’t involve sewing). I’m also willing to just go for something if I’m convinced it will be worth it. Enter – again – the wine bottles. Thanks to the wonder that is Pinterest, I have tons of inspiration for how to reuse a wine bottle or mason jar to make something rustic, casual/semi-formal, and elegant – all at the same time. And it doesn’t matter if you prefer red wine, or beer, or even a tinted food jar. If it’s a cool shape, the yarn or twine will cover the color of the glass and will enable you to transform a bottle of two-buck Chuck into a vessel to store berries, flowers, sticks, etc. – whatever captures the theme of your special day.

Here are a few more ideas of what you can do with glass products you may otherwise just have lying around your home!


Blue-tinted mason jars with baby’s breath and simple yarn


Mason jar with rope wrapped around with sailor’s knot


Super glue on glass then painted over to create a neat 3D look


Mason jars with candles floating in water, with raffia tied around jar


Twine around wine bottles with added lace and flower embellishment


Tint mason jars different colors to match your theme


Branches or sticks can be found everywhere and can easily be turned into rustic-chic


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