Save Twice, Cut Once: Guiding Your DIY Projects

One of the ways I’m saving money on this wedding is by making my own save-the-dates and invitations. I’m very excited about getting to create my own paper items and think it will provide a good outlet to zen-out on crafts.

That being said, I’ve pinned so many ideas that I’m kind of at a loss for where to start. I narrowed the theme I want and I’m getting an idea of the wording I like, now it’s time to start choosing between the many great designs out there! I’m a really tactile person and browsing ideas online just doesn’t always cut it. Imagine my delight when this fantastic tip came into my inbox: you can order sample invitations for free online!


Click the image to browse the American Wedding invitation catalog for your free samples!

I received an email (see right) from the American Wedding, an invitation and paper-centered website. Through the month of March, you can order five free wedding invitation samples with free shipping & handling.

But American Wedding isn’t the only place that offers this great deal!

For a “limited time” Invitations by David Bridal is offering five free samples. And Exclusively Weddings lets you pick a theme pack to order for free. While I scoff a little at the “limited time only” players, they may not be around forever, so don’t pass the rest up! Here are some more websites to check out:

Last but not least, don’t forget to set up a wedding email just for these purposes. I set one up and have it forward to my primary email. I don’t have to check another inbox, and it’s easier to shut off all the wedding emails at once by closing the account!


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