One Woman’s Trash Is Another Woman’s Wedding

It’s not what you’re thinking – not literal trash, anyway. But a new trend is popping up for brides on a budget or who need to get married quickly for other reasons. More brides than ever before are buying up someone else’s cancelled wedding, benefiting them and the wedding cancelers.

Last summer Bridal Brokerage opened up with an aim to make the wedding industry more affordable by targeting people looking to not lose all their deposit money, people who don’t want to plan, and people looking to save money on the whole day. According to a Jezebel article:

Originally marketed to people in need of quickie nuptials — think folks facing military deployment and elopers — they soon noticed that their main business was actually bridal bargain hunters. And those lovebirds in search of a good deal? There are droves of them; Bridal Brokerage currently has over 2,500 interested buyers in their database.

There are only six weddings in the database at the time of the article, with various locations nationwide (though none in the Pacific Northwest):

  • May 11th and 26th in Charlottesville, Virginia (Castle Hill Cider)
  • June 14th in Annapolis, Maryland (Herrington on the Bay)
  • June 30th in San Ramon, California (San Ramon Golf Club)
  • July 13th in Minneapolis (Semple Mansion)
  • August 24th in Philly (Hilton City Avenue)
  • September 28th in Cincinnati (Elements Event Center)

So what do you think – is this really tacky? Is it super helpful to both former and current brides alike? Or could you not imagine the thought of not planning the details yourself?


3 thoughts on “One Woman’s Trash Is Another Woman’s Wedding

  1. @6wheelerboys – I’m interested to know more as well. And what the logistics are for handing over a wedding. I signed up as “interested in buying a wedding” to see if I got any informative replies. Will update the blog if I get an email!

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