When Life Gets in the Way of Wedding Planning

It’s been almost two months since I last wrote a blog post, but not for lack of things to do. At the end of April, we found out that our living arrangement of four years was to be no more. The landlord was selling the home and we had 60 days to move out. Immediate frustration aside, I jumped right in to looking for a new place, hoping to take a step up in home since we would be getting married and starting our life together soon. Boy was I in for it.

First let me say: the rental market in 2013 is not the same as it was in 2009, the last time I moved. I did all the recommended things and even put a Housing Wanted ad up – after all, that’s how we found the place we’re moving out of. Not only did I get no fruitful responses, but almost every reply was some sort of scam. And even my daily searches left me going crazy and bursting into periodic crying fits. Places that looked too good always were, our first #1 choice never got back to us after we submitted our applications (and this place was WONderful), and whenever I tried scheduling a viewing I was either (1) told it might not be available by the time I wanted to see it, (2) treated very unprofessionally, or (3) was told a lease hadn’t been signed so they couldn’t take the ad down, but it was almost a done deal.

I felt utterly hopeless. I was trying to figure out where to move, working long hours at work, planning a wedding with an ever-shortening timeline, and maintaining life at home – all at once. Something had to give. I eventually decided I had to give myself a break from wedding planning if I was going to get anything done for moving. And just about then my body decided I needed a break from everything. Out of nowhere, in the middle of gorgeous weather, I end up with a serious cold (which I subsequently gave to my fiance and mother). I took the Friday before Memorial Day off to do some stuff around the house and ended up sleeping for a lot of it and the following weekend. Four day weekend in the garbage. That knocked my mental state back even more because I then felt like mother nature was going to foil even my best-laid plans. I was starting to worry that I’d have to move back out to East Portland, where I lived in a different part of my life – a part of life I’d rather not repeat.

Luckily, a break in the clouds finally came our way. I had previously looked into an apartment in the area we wanted but had nixed it because of a couple concerns. After many disappointing visits, I decided to come back to this one and contacted the owner. She showed me the place a couple days later, I brought Clark back for a second visit, we applied – and were accepted! It’s not the best place I saw, but it has so many improvements on our current place that there’s no way we could say no. And silver lining – I get a new place to decorate that I won’t be miserable in. It has so much daylight and it’s still on two main bus lines, so commuting will be just as easy as it is now.

So if you didn’t get the message in the previous four paragraphs, let me say: moving is not an ideal thing to be burdened with in the middle of wedding planning. Especially when you chose your wedding location based on where you live. It leads to stress, sickness, fights – zero good things. Not to mention it put a total halt to our savings for the wedding, so I will have to work hard to get us back on track. But there is light at the end of the tunnel – it will all work out in the end! And it helps to keep perspective – many women plan weddings with a lot more than moving going on. I’m pretty lucky to be where I’m at in life. And I’m happy about that.

Now all of that aside, I actually did accomplish some wedding tasks. I have a long list of things to do come July 1 after we’ve finished the move, but here’s a short list of what I’ve gotten done in the last 4-6 weeks:

  • Chose bridesmaid dresses. The next step in this process will be getting in touch with all the bridesmaids to make sure they’re purchasing what we need.
  • My dress came in, I went to my alterations appointment (one of the only things I did Memorial Day weekend), and I’ll be picking up the finished product this Friday!
  • We completed assembling and sent our save-the-dates, and only slightly after the recommended timeline (6-8 months prior to the big day). As promised, below I’ve included a collage of different aspects of the final product.

Natural, delicate, and simple – just like we wanted it


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