Alright, Already! Here’s How to Coupon!

Getting married, work picking up for both my husband and I, and life have taken over since I last posted, but I swear you’ll forget the months-long silence when I tell you what I have in store!

I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked “how do you coupon?” or “how can you get those savings at store X?” or “how hard is it to figure out deals?” Well now I’m answering all of your questions in one post with two helpful resources. Okay, I may not answer them all, but I’ll hopefully come close.

oadsavingsguideoh amy, dear! Savings Guide: This guide will prepare you for couponing and savings success with sections for Getting Started, Cutting Coupons, Making Your Shopping List, a Couponing To-Do Checklist, Couponing Realities, and a Glossary of terms. This combines my knowledge of couponing and planning shopping trips along with some advice from my favorite savings blogs. You can use as much or as little of the advice I give, but everything in here are from my successful (and not-so-successful) experience.

oadshoppinglistoh amy, dear! Shopping List template: This template PDF will show you how I organize my shopping list to keep track of savings, sale prices, different coupon types, what I receive back from a purchase, and what I pay — all in one place! I show real examples from past shopping trips to Safeway and Walgreens (the two stores to which I do most of my shopping trips) on page 1 and have a sample template you can use on page 2. Safeway and Walgreens are good examples of grocery and drugstores because they both have unique coupon and savings policies, which I call out in the examples.

In future posts, I’ll be sharing my tips and template for contacting your favorite companies to get exclusive (and often higher value) coupons. Stay tuned for more savings tips!



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