My Family Made the Milk to Silk Switch

$1.00 off any One (1) Silk Almond Half GallonIt was this weekend that I realized my life has been a see-saw progression away from cow’s milk. When I was a child, we drank 2% and used that for everything. At 13 I took a school trip to Japan and in a kindergarten class I tasted whole milk for the first time ever. It was sweet and delicious but felt so heavy. When I got to college, I rarely drank milk, but when I did it was with my boyfriend’s family and they drank skim. I got really used to skim for awhile, but with my now-husband, we decided it was too watery and reverted to 1%. To be honest, I still probably preferred the taste of skim, but did the 1% as a balance. This weekend, however, my family decided to make the switch from cow’s milk to an alternative. We’ve both had soy, rice, and almond milk and both prefer the latter two. And if you think we’re just being “Portland” about it, read up on the benefits of milk alternatives. I’m not saying this is for everyone, and I recognize some people may need cow’s milk, but it is the right decision for my husband and I. And as long as we’re making sure to get whatever the traded-off nutrients in question are, I’m happier that we’re not drinking what in nature is meant to make baby cows bigger. We’ll be testing them out over the next few “milk” grocery trips, but since there was a great deal at Safeway, Silk Almond Milk was our first choice. It doesn’t always have to be super expensive to buy healthier alternatives. Take today’s example – I purchased two half gallons of almond milk for $0.59 less than a gallon of the regular milk I buy. Sometimes healthier is better in more ways than one! Here’s how you can make the “milk to Silk” switch and save some money on your milk at Safeway today:

Edit: The $1.00/1 coupon above is no longer available, but you can get a personalized link for a $0.75/1 Silk product coupon by registering at their site.


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