Portland Event: Extreme Couponing Workshop

Find this one-page ad in your 6/1 Oregonian

Find this one-page ad in your 6/1 Oregonian

I headed out the door this morning to go score my free Bisquick and grab a couple newspapers (couldn’t let myself only get one when there are four inserts in the 6/1 paper). When I got back and started sorting through my inserts, I came upon a single page advertisement for a FREE Extreme Couponing Workshop right here in the Portland area. Apologies for the folks who aren’t nearby, but I for one had to sign up right away so I could be sure to get a spot.

The event is being held Monday, June 16 at the Holiday Inn in Portland/Gresham (2752 SE 242nd Dr in Gresham, OR) and has two sessions – one at 4:00pm and one at 7:00pm. My days at work are super busy lately, so I’ll be attending the 7:00pm. That does mean some long bus commutes and a late night (sorry honey, it’ll be leftovers for dinner), but this is an event that doesn’t come often, so I had to register!

I have no idea how soon registration will fill up, but you can sign up via the Oregonian’s direct link: oregonlive.com/smartsaver.

I’ll be posting about my experience after the event, so stay tuned for more information!

A closer look at the details, after the jump:



Details on the event

Details on the event


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