Next in the Non-Dairy Wars: Coconut Milk

$1.00/1 Silk Coconutmilk

Click the image above to get your $1.00/1 Silk Coconutmilk coupon

Third in my family’s “milk to silk” switch rotation is coconut milk. Neither of us have tried it, and we’re both excited for a new cow’s milk alternative. Luckily enough, a new coupon just came out for this very thing. Click on the image to the right to get your $1.00/1 Silk Coconutmilk coupon. You may need to sign up for an account or connect to your Facebook to get your unique link.

I’ve signed up for email offers from Silk so I can continue getting coupons from them, and this is a great time to share another couponing tip: set up a “savings/coupon only” email address. I changed my email recently when I got married and also changed my last name, so I have an easy email to sign up for newsletters for – my maiden name’s email address! If you don’t already have another email, sign up for one for free on any number of websites (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and start sending coupons to that address. That way you won’t clutter your real life inbox, and you don’t give that address out to any website offering a coupon.

How else do you keep your savings life organized? Let me know in the comments!


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