I Believe in the Coupon Fairy!

Thanks, Coupon Fairy, for our free medicine!

Thanks, Coupon Fairy, for our free medicine!

There are certain things you know you need to buy all the time. I waxed poetic on my desire for a plethora of Bisquick, and that’s not the only thing I love spending little-to-no money on. So I’m especially grateful when I get an unexpected visit from what the savings community calls the “Coupon Fairy.”

The Coupon Fairy exists and, like another generous make believe gift-giver, it really is in all of us. The Coupon Fairy sprinkles coupons through the aisle of stores, leaving great savings for some unsuspecting lucky shopper. I love placing coupons I won’t use and others could really benefit from. And though I tend to skew skeptical, it’s a little hint of karma when I (or in today’s case, my husband) find a coupon and benefit monetarily myself.

Today’s visit involved a frequent purchase of ours – heartburn medicine. We were at our local Walgreens just browsing and my DH came up to me, beaming, with a coupon in hand. He handed me the coupon and said, “Heartburn medicine – free!” Of course I read over it and made sure everything was valid, then went and grabbed a 14 count box (value $12.99) and checked out. When couponing is  a big part of your life, saving $10-$15 on a medical necessity is huge! I’m not always able to share such great coupons, but any of us can do this – you never know who you might be able to help. Just “sprinkle” your coupons on shelves either next to or on top of the items they go toward. It’s fun to just put that energy out there and never know who exactly you’re helping, but knowing it will be someone.

I didn’t grab a photo of the coupon (too excited to use it), but a big thank you out to the universe and to my Coupon Fairy, wherever you are!


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