professional_staff_photoAmy is a 28-year-old working at a nonprofit, married to Clark, a wonderful author who makes her laugh. Yada yada yada, love and mushy stuff…

She started this blog to give a real look at what planning a wedding entails – the dollars, the cents, and change in between. It wasn’t a professional blog – it was a diary, a venting session, a confessional, a realistic look into the planning process. Most of all, it was an effort to help you plan a beautiful day without putting yourself in debt or paying anything near the “average” wedding cost. That slowly morphed into a “married” blog focusing on saving and helping my friends learn how to use coupons effectively.

Who knows what it will be next? Let’s find out!

Note: I include some referral links throughout the oh amy, dear! blog. If you click through them and print coupons or make a purchase, I will make a small commission. This is at no extra cost to you but it helps keep the lights on here so I can keep bringing you great tips. I really appreciate your support in this way. Ask me about referral links for your blog!


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