Common acronyms used on the oh amy, dear! blog.

BIL – Brother-In-Law
BM – [my] Bridesmaid, [his] Best Man
BP – Bridal Party
DIY – Do-it-yourself
DoC – “Day-of” Coordinator
FBIL – Future Brother-In-Law
FFIL – Future Father-In-Law
FG – Flower Girl
FH – Future Husband
FI – Fiance
FMIL – Future Mother-In-Law
FoB – Father of Bride
FoG – Father of Groom
FSIL – Future Sister-In-Law
GM – Groomsman (Groomsmen)
GP – Grandparent
HM – Honeymoon
MoB – Mother of Bride
MoG – Mother of Groom
MoH – Maid of Honor
OoT – Out of Town (guests)
RB – Ring Bearer
SO – Significant Other
STD – Save The Dates
TY – Thank you (or thank you cards)


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